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After brutal incident at a farm house which killed Uday and left Ragini in unstable condition, a director is inspired to shoot the film at the same farm house based on unfortunate events.

On the other hand, Saahil Prem at least plays it decently as required, Divya Dutta remains wasted in her short role as the ultimate savior but watching Anita Hasanandani in such a silly role was nothing short of a shock as I strongly felt. Spread porn pictures. A middle-aged Gujrati businessman puts on a charade after a famous film actress asks to move in with him, in preparation for a movie role. It's a must watch. First half of the movie is good with horror and other stuff but when it comes to second half the story loses track and quite frustrating.

Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, should be given a pat on the back for backing a movie like this and taking Indian cinema to a new height—wish they concentrated on the plot though-which minus the amazing screenplay is something which a kindergarten kid could dream of to scare his peers.

Not to talk about how poor the dialogs are, I seriously doubt Bhushan Patels' abilities as a director. Ragini mms 2 hot shot. The first song "Baby Doll" featuring Sunny Leone was released on YouTube receiving great response and went on to be a chartbuster. Performances by lead roles are impressive which certainly prove as an inseparable asset for the film.

Ragini mms 2 is a bold attempt of balaji. Yes No Report this. These beginning frames with Hanuman Chalisa in the background gave a feeling that the movie might unfold the story in an interesting manner, but unfortunately it does not happen. Two lovers, having been denied true love years ago, are reincarnated in order to correct that wrong. Naked girls on live me. Edit Did You Know? Ragini MMS 2 A lesbian act involving Sandhya Mridul is thrown in without any purpose post the interval and then Sunny takes off all her clothes deep inside a lake seducing a lusty man to jump inside.

Movie Review by Yunus Irshad https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After all these deliberately inserted suggestive scenes the director returns back to his basic theme of horror in the last 15 minutes, exactly like a clean-up activity required post the dirty act. Parvin Dabas plays one such sleazy director, who comes up with this brilliant idea of shooting a movie based on the plot of the first movie, at the same spooky house.

They can't even copy a Hollywood movie properly. Maddy as Karan Mehra. Later a film is planned based on the story, the same haunted house being the location of the film.

This is a horrex movie about shooting a horrex movie. Plus, the addition of heavily explicit scenes makes it not only a bad film for children, but also for general people. Son Zaynah Samir Vatsani Yes, she's got the hots and has quit her previous, much-hyped job, but role-playing is just not her cup of tea and I can give you two big examples: It is not everyday that you begin your morning watching a Sunny Leone film, where she actually manages to bewilder you something close to a performance.

Along with the sexual content, RMMS2 also features few cheap double meaning dialogues keeping everything focusing at the sex element alone. And to drive away the evil spirit, Divya Dutta recites a sacred stotra very improperly and the evil spirit is shown mimicking it in a ridiculing way. Maddy as Karan Mehra. Milf nylon solo. This is also leading to fusion of genres.

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Ragini mms 2 is a bold attempt of balaji.

One Night Stand explores the hypocritical world we live in. Next she does a detailed moaning scene as if involved in a sex act in front of the whole unit to prove her acting skills followed by a long, bold bathroom sequence where even blurring effect has been used to hide her visible assets. Bangladesh xnxxx com. At one point, Sunny says that she wants to research for her role. Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai. Dutta then rushes to the shooting location to inform the cast and crew to abandon their shooting and leave the house immediately.

The girl has an expressive body language and speaking eyes but her well known background doesn't let you think of her as an actor even for a minute to put it honestly. Daily News and Analysis. Son Zaynah Samir Vatsani The acting of the cast is just average. To give you a fair idea of its story progression, after a good scary sequence right in the opening, we have the 'Babydoll' song and then the director straight away shows Sunny undressing in her green room, being watched by the in-film director openly.

Other actors are pathetic including talent like Divya Dutta. The supporting cast has many over the top acts, repeatedly giving you an indication of the project being nothing but a quickly made, sexy marketing product to gain some quick profits. Uday had planned to make an MMS scandal of Ragini in that house.

Sunny Leone is better and performed well then its previous releases Jism 2 and Jackpot. Sexy hot furry girls. Ragini mms 2 hot shot. Use the HTML below. The original Ragini MMS had some amount of originality- a couple unknowingly going to a haunted house to shoot a MMS and becoming the target of an evil spirit.

In the performances, Sunny Leone perfectly knows why she is being signed by these Bollywood producers eagerly and she daringly delivers what is expected from her too with a visible ease. The camera remains more interested in capturing Sunny's inviting curves throughout and does a pretty routine job in canning the creepy scenes, probably as instructed by the producer and not the director. Had started to watch one of her porn movies out of curiosity but stopped it midway.

Divya Dutta didn't have much to perform. It's a must watch. Saahil Prem tries hard to look the macho, silent type. Helen mirren topless calendar girls. Film productions Kyo Kii The horror element, however, strikes in more prominently in its second-hour, where some spine-chilling moments are presented, along-with a noisy climax. En-cashing the buzz around their earlier hit RAGINI MMSthe famous production house vaguely takes the story forward and then conceives the whole project just like 'a soft-porn' made in the name of horror.

So what we have today is a new genre for bollywood,its called HORREX a mixture of horror and sex ,and it has been cleared in the beginning in the movie itself Hindi horror movies having a sexy bath scene. There were some frightnening images to fear kids and sensitive viewers but no substance to fear others unless you're easily scared.

Retrieved 29 November En-cashing the buzz around their earlier hit RAGINI MMSthe famous production house vaguely takes the story forward and then conceives the whole project just like 'a soft-porn' made in the name of horror. For friends who wish to know about the horror element in the film, it just has the scary faces popping out from here and there, with some screechy sounds as usual and nothing beyond that.

External audio Audio Jukebox on YouTube. Sanjana and Aditya decide to give their marriage one last chance. Kunal Khanna Kainaz Motivala Satya as Sahil Prem Parvin Dabas Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Kainaz Motivala is sincere in a cameo. Junior artists get killed one by one.

If you want scary entertainment, you can watch a good and real horror movie, if you want sexual thrill, you can watch explicit porn of Sunny Leone.

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Sunny goes to meet Ragini to understand her role better. Horror lovers should stay away for it is possible they may even loathe the genre for the rest of their lives after watching this. Hindi horror movies having a sexy bath scene.

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The original Ragini MMS had some amount of originality- a couple unknowingly going to a haunted house to shoot a MMS and becoming the target of an evil spirit. Chanel celaya naked. Maddy as Karan Mehra Karan Taluja Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Actually it is not a movie at all. 0nline sex chat Audible Download Audio Books. What a waste of these talents. You know, screaming, making faces, fake demeanor and all that. He also wants real actors, not big stars and strangely so, he selects the one actor who has made a career out of faking it, as the lead.

Related News First look: En-cashing the buzz around their earlier hit RAGINI MMSthe famous production house vaguely takes the story forward and then conceives the whole project just like 'a soft-porn' made in the name of horror. And when a clever production house signs a famous, gorgeous girl who has no hesitation to bare it all in front of the camera for a Hindi horror film then there is no better recipe to make such a project, especially for our 'sex-starved' Indian market and that too with two hit party tracks working as a perfect icing on the cake ensuring its safe run.

Trivia Sunny Leone's orgasm scene was shot on a closed set.

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