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Naked truckers blog

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It's got some great tips for driving in the snow and ice!

You Americans call them trucks us Brits call them lorries. Rated x korean movies. All will be explained in the videos. Complacency Strikes Show info: It's not too late to enter the drawing for the Meritor jacket! But for Ron, he and his wife are comfortable with the arrangement. Naked truckers blog. Now back to the subject at hand. Eleven of those can be spent driving. Diabetes and Truckers I started watching Gotham on Netflix. Well, it finally happened; I was going to run out of time on my e-logs before I got to my destination. And of course, the Internet rule says that it didn't happen if there aren't pictures.

If you are a person involved with our laws and or policing them, how do you see your role and how it affects us? Pretty much you-name-it, I saw it.

Naked truckers blog

The problem is, I live about 7. If they are the much better paid professional, who get living away from home, motels and meals paid that I am sure are better than some roadhouse tucker and have showers and toilets available at the least each night, then all we ask if we do behave with respect, is that they do the same.

I went to my first piano bar. Jeans sex pics. But few may be interested in that much depth of information, particularly being to many, just another truckies life. I feel sorry for the plumber who has to clean out those drains. In today's podcast, I battle my fear of electronic logs by enlisting a Twitter friend, Dean who's already been using e-logs for a while.

That made me so hard. Post 4 richardj57 Vanilla. But how does that really benefit anyone? In today's podcast, I make the argument that there really isn't much difference between the two. I don't think I've ever been quite so mad in my trucking career than when I was writing this blog post. TIV trailers one million kilometres Photo by pinkmoose via Flickr.

The portion of the tractor behind the seats which acts as the "living space" for the driver. New listener George sent in an audio comment after hearing TD My trainer just dropped me off and I just got my truck. The Tale of Three Slobs. Javine hylton nude. A driver who needs to spend a little time greasing his truck shocks better.

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We did get the job done, but thanks to him being a complete anus, it took about three moves longer than it should have. Today I give you the "do's and don'ts" of providing good directions. The proposal sandra bullock nude. Link includes a video demonstration. If I drove the same truck everyday I would fit a second dashcam on my side window, unfortunately I drive fleet motors and change all the time.

In today's episode, we discuss how the new hour rule will affect truck drivers when it rears it's butt-ugly head this coming July. Naked truckers blog. Welcome to the first interview I've done on Trucker Dump.

We also talk about the best heater settings to use, how to drive on the snow, and how to keep from getting stuck when you park for the night. Often with very little change in what he had done before. Long Duck is back after listening to TD I tell you two stories that happened to me recently that may open your eyes a bit. Naked Trucker Man Topic Page 1. When such blitzes occur, then the public see all the police etc stopping trucks and think we must all be bad and the resources and costs involved, must be astronomical and so they then have to issue as many fines as possible to both justify the cost of the operation and then to crow about how many things they found wrong or illegal.

While he works for a broker, the trailer had a name that some would know in Australia from many years ago in that section of the industry and I was holding them up as they were about to go and eat. Sexy hot latina milf. When I parked for the night the wind was blowing so hard that my truck was rocking back and forth, making me feel like a drunken pirate trying to sleep off a liter of rum.

I also get nostalgic about Dallas as I talk about my early married life with The Evil Overlord, including our elopement, Metallica's skyscraper rooftop house, and someone's first visit to a gay bar. Not long after he wrote this blog post, he also started a blog of his own, which is called Kevin's Untitled Travel Blog.

So, are there any truckers who can give some insight? Well, I was lucky enough to be put on them a couple of weeks before the deadline that's called sarcasmso I can help you with that. A New Book by Lisa Nowak. A Trucker Gives Thanks. You can listen to me or read it yourself. FastDude72 left an iTunes review. So sad when you can't share. Nude thick older women. I've been known to goof when I answer these questions and I need you good folks to keep me in line.

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Improving Our Reputation As Truckers. I wanted to talk to Ron about what kept him going these long miles. I'll do a random drawing and announce the winners on a future show. I have just read of the dangerous nature of our industry. I was tempted to drive back with him, crossing the country in the eastbound lane this time. I'm wearing a shirt. Loading comments… Trouble loading? I've started a Trucker Dump Podcast Facebook page.

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. We learn best by trial-and-getting-stopped-by-trainer-just-before-error, you know. How you are feeling, what is going on, whether you need to escape life for a day or so. If you could get winter truck driving tips from anyone, who would it be? Then there is the driver shortage and what to do with that. That is true and it is not.

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Dave is slightly pissed about TD I mention two guest posters who weren't afraid to record their voice for the podcast. Indian seyx video. That is true and it is not. As if you care. Sexy hot girls legs In to Brisbane and load for Goondiwindi, reload a bit and home to Dubbo, then load for Melbourne. I love being seen by people who will enjoy it but other than that i do not care what anyone thinks! Horrid Genius left an awesome review of the podcast over on iTunes. His latest podcast is called The Trucking Podcast. As I pull past the spot and come to a stop so I can start backing up, my tractor comes to rest in front of a parked truck with the sleeper light on.

I had offered my name and number initially and he asked could he pass that on if needed and I agreed and will hope to save some other poor bugger from such an impact.

I apologised and then he asked me about, you guessed it, our roadtrains. Naked truckers blog. I waited until no one was around and she climbed into my lap in a reverse cowgirl position so she could grab the wheel if needed.

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