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In truth, the very idea of nakedness has always been in flux.

I bet the Two Best Friends are laughing right now. A typical breakdown looks like this: West 'turning a blind eye' as religious hatred, violence punishes Christians, minorities: This reminds me of when they made Angie naked in Beowulf without her knowing about it.

In the game's shower scene, players have discovered that a special "free camera" mode can be used on developer version of the game to manipulate the angle and view a fully nude depiction of Page's body. Celeb gif tumblr. Ellen page nude shower. It's either there from the start, or it isn't there at all.

The Best Friends hatred of all things David Cage brings me so much life. Miles Quaritch Member Oct 24, I love everything to do with David Cage's games.

Everyone who wants to see the pictures Two Souls that ended up revealing Ellen Page completely nude. These units are used during development for testing and, dun, dun, dun, debug purposes. This is pretty much the same as using a body-double in a live-action film aside from the fact that her face is in the frame. Jun 27, 41, 0 0.

So yeah, I actually know what I'm talking about. Anyway, if I were Ellen, I probably would, tbh. Awek melayu johor. Although by comparison, what would have happened if it was the guy in the shower and this happened? I do know the occasional artist who insists on sculpting junk on all his monster demons before wrapping clothes on them, and it's common for artists to block in breasts when sculpting or drawing a figure to help establish the form.

I smell bullshit and PR stunts. King Tubby Member Oct 24, It turns out that a shower scene featuring her character Jodie Holmes was rendered with naughty bits and all, and then covered up for use in the game, which of course meant that a simple change of camera angle revealed the young Ms.

Should I even bother mentioning that it's not safe for work? Realistic, motion-captured games like Beyond: Is Beyond Two Souls any different? I'm not sure why they needed to clarify that a 3D model in a video game is not in fact, literally Ellen Page's body. Oct 30, 2, 22 USA! Of all the actors out there, why is she the one we get to see naked in a video game?

Does the model have a vagina? Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. Her model would have been nude anyways, that's how most 3D character design works. A typical day at the office has me reading about half a dozen breakdowns of upcoming projects that my agent thinks I would be a good fit for.

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Although by comparison, what would have happened if it was the guy in the shower and this happened? Cheddahz Banned Oct 24, Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. A typical breakdown looks like this: But seriously, why is she in it at all? Despite the recent controversy, Beyond: With the marble sculpture, if you want your sculpture to have clothes you have to sculpt it with the clothes on, like it were a single big object.

In the game's shower scene, players have discovered that a special "free camera" mode can be used on developer version of the game to manipulate the angle and view a fully nude depiction of Page's body. Movie oral sex. It's easy to cover the stuff up, it's harder to add it, should it be needed.

The reason why first person weapons and buildings often have deleted faces on the sides that they will never be seen: They're just too awful to be bored with. Two Souls actress Ellen Page may be suing Sony for including realistic nude depictions of her in the game.

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How is this even an article? What she probably wasn't aware of though was that someone would unlock dev tools that weren't supposed to be accessible to players and included full camera control and proceed to use said full camera control in a scene in which the character's nudity is mostly concealed by the choice of camera angle.

You can find the NSFW images here. Edited at It's too bad the director doesn't always have the time to micromanage each individual artist, of which there may be dozens or hundreds across multiple companies. Whools Member Oct 24, Coz i'm 22 and Ellen Page is Homes in all her unclothed glory. Comedian battling drug addiction credits rehab, prayer for helping him reach 18 days sober.

In my examples, I was talking about sculpting individual objects in my first post there is one object, in my second post there are multiple objects, but the only difference is the number of objects. Again, millions of dollars are on the line. However, according to Kotakualternate camera angles of the scene can be accessed through the game's debug menu -- something which can't be reached through normal play on a regular PlayStation 3 system.

Buildings that never die Co. Ellen page nude shower. Self shot nude women. Dec 7, 27, 0 1, www. Tech site Kotaku also claims the debug cheat wouldn't have been made possible unless the game developers turned it off:. On a character model that was locked behind a door with a frosted glass window, sitting in a bathtub.

Do you think Sony intended for these image to be leaked? Wait they actually bothered to create nipples and a vagina on the model?

None of the sources articles mention anything about lawsuits. Dizzy-4U Member Oct 24, That would be possible on PC regardless of if you were a dev or not, so I'm not sure why people are automatically pointing fingers at the devs themselves when it could and would have been someone else down the line. Because this is a video game. Dead Prince Banned Oct 24, Savitar Member Oct 24, Could someone please convert and upload that model to Gmod? San Andreas' Hot Coffeesomething which resulted in the game receiving an Adults Only rating until the content -- a scrapped sex mini-game -- was removed by Rockstar.

Login With Facebook or Username: Dec 7, 61, 1 0 www. But each object still has to be made individually.

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Savitar Member Oct 24, It takes someone going full retard to put that into a game's files and not expect someone to find it. Watched a few Jim Sterling videos and had your mind made for you most probably. Painters don't generally paint fully-drawn boobs then cover them up. Www x viduos. This is also potentially a legal matter for Sony. Japanese latex lesbians As far as why they'd include the naughty bits if they didn't intend to show them in-game Two Souls has become a whole lot more revealing than either she or Sony intended, thanks to the slightly creative use of a PS3 dev kit.

This would be roughly like then chiseling pants to cover up a statue's nipples and "the rest of the stuff" you've already carved. Disturbing video of Bill Gates dressed as Austin Powers.

Sony Computer Entertainment hasn't confirmed that the images that surfaced on Reddit are the actual likeness of Page's nude body, but the tech company released a statement about the "debugged" photos.

We're not talking about assets that aren't included for "whatever reason.

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Xnxx hot videos com A typical day at the office has me reading about half a dozen breakdowns of upcoming projects that my agent thinks I would be a good fit for. Two Souls features a shower sequence, but it does not contain visible nudity:
Pictures of naked girls with big tits Reply Parent Thread Link. Apr 1, 6, 0 0. I had a new experience thanks to you.
Tumblr anal pegging You can find the NSFW images here. When she turns 30 Ellen Page will probably be doing at least pseudo-nude scenes everywhere and will twerk with a pitbull for a pay check.
Naked ugly black women It's not my fault you chose a bad medium for your own analogy.
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But these days everything is rotating around the money, it is cheaper to take the picture just to use it as an entry data for retoucher.

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